“You’re Lucky”

It’s easy for one to get lost in the transitions that life throws at us, and lose perspective on what’s important in life. We get caught up in our work, our problems, and our own personal life, that we forget to just sit back and appreciate all that we have. Recently I had a young woman come into work that was not much older than me, that helped me realize how truly blessed I was. She had been trying for 10 years to become a US citizen. 10 years, and still filling out applications and paperwork. 10 years of effort to achieve that which I was given at birth. When she told me this information, I really didn’t know what to say to her. I remember her telling me, “You’re Lucky” before she left. Those words have hit at me hard with the days that have past since. I’m unsure where life will take me a day, or a week, or a month from now, but I’ll do my hardest to appreciate all I have a little more from day to day for as long as I can.



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