Getting Back Into the Game

Like many of my fellow photographers I know from the Kansan or school, there comes a time either by choice, or by circumstances beyond one’s control, where the fun and joy of being at the top and covering all the best events KU has to offer, or creating semester long projects with Pok Chi Lau haggling each one of us student every day in class to shoot more RAW images comes to an end. And the realities of the “real” world sink in.

Graduation marks that spot for many in my shoes. The cap and gown goes on, and the camera and gear that used to be within arm’s reach, makes it way into the closet. If you are like me, it’s been a few months since you have done some serious shooting. The weight of college seems to bear down on you all at once, and all you want is a break. A break from working on projects, homework, and creating. You are tired from all the moving, and even more tired from never getting a call back, or a sympathetic “We’re Sorry, but someone else was hired, ” email from all the jobs you have applied for.

A break from life, school, and constant shooting can be a good thing to re-energize the body and mind for creating . Unfortunately, my break seems to have lasted a little longer than I attended and I am having a little trouble motivating myself to begin shooting, coming up with ideas, and creating. I have become frustrated with the lack of new imagery to update my portfolio, and get possible employers interested in myself.

I realized there is just one thing I can do. It is time to live like my # on twitter. (#nothingbutthebest). I have dusted off my camera bag, tuned up all the gear, recharged the batteries, and am off to conquer that next project. After a summer long hiatus, I’m back.Image

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